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The True Adventures of Carbon

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A little horse with a huge personality. -That's Carbon!

In The True Adventures of Carbon, a spunky pony captures our hearts with his unselfish nature and undying loyalty to his friends. Told in his own words, Carbon's story is based on actual events taken from his unique life.

Carbon's experiences, while growing up on Pa's small family farm, teach him about friendship and loss as barnyard animals come and go. This strong-willed and clever pony gets himself into a great deal of mischief which often leaves him questioning whether he fits in.

What Carbon doesn't realize is that his kindhearted spirit is cherished by all. As he matures into a fine young stallion, Carbon gradually learns about the accepting nature of love and family.

"This Book is well written.The setting is strong and leverages solid description and sensory details - lovely visual connections."

             -Judge 25th Annual Writers Digest Self Published Book Awards 

Horse Crazy 


Many women fall in love with horses as girls and never lose their admiration for the beauty, dignity, wisdom and whimsicality of the creatures.


In this volume, 50 women offer their stories of the path of equine wisdom and the benefits of a good relationship with a loving horse.

"At that moment, I finally 

understood what the others had been trying to tell me. From the day I started riding him, Murphy was making a special effort to take care of me. From then on Murphy was no longer just a horse, he was my best friend."-Experiencing Murphy by Susan Hutchinson

"After reading this collection from dozens of authors and viewpoints, I've finally gotten a glimpse into the majesty and mystique of horses that attracts girls and women of all ages."

                                  -Amazon Review by "GSP" 

A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers


"The pup's display of friendly boldness gradually won me over, making it impossible to resist her the night she curled up in a little black ball and fell asleep on my lap, her nose tucked securely under my arm. Not long afterward, I became the anxious owner of my very first dog, whom I named Cinder." 

My Saving Grace by Sue Lamoree

"If you have ever shared your life with a dog, you'll find yourself in this book more than once. These essays about the love, understanding and sometimes guidance, dogs brings us will make you smile, tear-up, or just want to hug your furry friend. This book is a great read, and the perfect gift for dog people."

                                  -Amazon Review by "Tim" 

The Healing Touch of Horses


True Stories of Courage, Hope, and the Transformative Power of the Human/Equine Bond.

"When I made the call I thought I was only signing up for horseback riding lessons. I hadn't planned on a heart altering metamorphosis." – Finding My Prince Charming by Susan Hutchinson

"The stories in this book are about how the relationship between horses and people can bring out the very best in us all --- on two legs and four. Amazing read. Thank you, thank you."

                                  - Tw Rutledge Amazon Customer  

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