• Sue Lamoree

Flying Solo

After my best friend moved to Toronto, I decided to make the five+ hour journey, despite my limitations. While waiting to board the plane in Toronto for the return trip, a girl about eight-years-old struck up a conversation with me. She was a bright, engaging young girl and before long our conversation encompassed both of her parents as well. Eventually we boarded the plane and I assumed we’d never see each other again.

We landed in Chicago, where the attendant assigned to wheel me to my connecting flight turned out to be male. Unable to use bathroom facilities unassisted, I panicked (not sure what I was thinking when I booked such a long flight). To my surprise and incredible delight, however, Carla and her parents were waiting for me at the end of the boarding ramp when I disembarked. Thank goodness, Carla had been concerned about my ability to get to my next flight.

Thanks to this amazing family, all’s well that ends well. Added benefit–we’ve remained friends to this day. Carla’s now a beautiful and talented college student.

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