• Sue Lamoree

Wheelchair Handling 101

First rule of using a power wheelchair. When moving forward, push the joystick FORWARD.

When moving backward, pull the joystick BACK. You’d think after twenty years of relying on a power chair for my mobility, I’d have the basics down. Sadly, that wasn’t the case a few days ago.

I was rushing and had the speed dialed to max (not a good idea in close quarters). In my haste I accidentally rammed my legs into the doggy stairs directly in front of me. The worst part of wheelchair mishaps is remembering to LET GO OF THE JOYSTICK (the automatic breaking system). In this case, once I felt the pain I tried to backup and in my panicked state continued to push forward. (Ouch!)

The good news. Even with Osteoporosis, and my husband’s concern over the abrasion, bruises and good-sized knot on my shin, no bones were harmed. I got off easy this time.

Hopefully I’ll think twice before speeding in the house again-probably not.

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