• Sue Lamoree

The Widow Maker

Last week I learned more about the heart than I’ve ever wanted to know. That’s because, last week I had a heart attack. Yeah, it surprised me too. Not one single warning sign. No elevated heart rate, no high blood pressure, no dizziness . . . nothing! As far as I was concerned, with the exception of slightly high cholesterol, I was pretty heart healthy. Although being a quadriplegic keeps my exercise levels at a minimum, I’m not over weight, I don’t drink alcohol or caffeine, don’t smoke and I participate in a number of hobbies that keep me productive and happy. So I asked myself, why me?

To begin with, the event left no permanent damage to my heart. One coronary artery was 98% blocked and required an angioplasty procedure. Two other arteries were partially blocked–the most concerning artery the doctors call the “widow maker” (40% blocked). Apparently this little artery is very important for your heart’s function, if it gets 100% blocked it’s too late. The doctors won’t do a stent or angioplasty unless there’s over 70% blockage, so for now I’ll be monitored by the best Cardiologist in the area.

I thank the Lord for guiding me to the potential health risk and keeping me strong in the process. And throughout these events I discovered how much love I’m surrounded by. Friends, family and neighbors immediately stepped in with acts of kindness and support to my husband and I. My heart may be a little broken, but it’s also quite full.

PS Heart healthy diets are boring!

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