• Sue Lamoree

Bad Luck Comes In Three's

If the old adage is true “bad luck comes in threes,” than I should be covered for the rest of 2017. First I take out my shin by running into the doggy stairs, than I have a totally unexpected heart attack and now I’m trying to recover from the worst cold in history!!! And if that’s not enough, I’m developing hives on my hands and face (probably a result of the cold medicine combined with the new heart meds). What a wreck.

As I sit here listening to my wheezy breaths, I’m grateful for one thing. I haven’t been able to cough productively since I was diagnosed with TM. One of my doc’s showed my husband how to assist by putting pressure on my sternum as I cough. It’s helpful, but I’ve often worried about my ability to clear congestion if a serious cold hits. Well, one’s putting me to the test right now–and I’m happy to report that I’m beating the sucker. I found that if I double way over while coughing, I have the breathe support I need to clear the congestion.

Phew–one less thing to worry about.

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