• Sue Lamoree

Do I Know You?

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

I met my husband ten years after my TM diagnosis, while attending the annual fund raising auction for Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. He’d been checking out a silent auction table when he turned and nearly tripped over me. His cordial apology/introduction was, “I’m glad you could make it.” Caught off guard by his apparent familiarity, I inadequately responded, “do I know you?” That was the start of an awkward, but rewarding courtship.

As a single woman into my fiftieth year, I wasn’t overly comfortable with long term relationships. Add to that the complications of a disability and you have extremely intimidating dating prospects. To my surprise, we managed my special needs creatively and with a great deal of humor. He respected my modest nature and need for privacy. Together we navigated our way through the uncharted waters of girlfriend/boyfriend – disabled/caregiver. Within six months we were married.

I am forever grateful for the circumstances that led me to meet this special man. If I hadn’t been disabled I wouldn’t have been riding at Little Bit where a man named Guy was volunteering.

You can find the full story in the anthology The Healing Touch of Horses under my maiden name Sue Hutchinson.

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