• Sue Lamoree

The World Didn't Come To An End

EXACTLY one month after my trip to the ER, Guy and I found ourselves in the very same emergency room. The night after a routine colonoscopy, my poor husband was bleeding so profusely he required two units of blood. As I watched the emergency staff hover over him and heard the doctor say, “stay with me sir,” I wondered what my life would be like without him. Fortunately I don’t have to think about that for now.

I was, however, confronted with my fear of facing life temporarily without him. Since buying a house farther from the city (45 minutes from emergency facilities) and with fewer accommodations for my personal independence, both of us frequently worry about my ability to function without his assistance. Guy’s hospital visit was our worst nightmare coming true.

To our delight, our amazing support community (church, friends, family and neighbors) came through for us again–from meeting us at the ER, to feeding the pets. Hospitals are also very accepting of the patient’s family member’s needs. The nurse’s assistance with my frequent trips to the restroom allowed me to stay by Guy’s side the entire night.

Although we still have improvements to make to our living space, we discovered, in the words of a friend, “the world didn’t come to an end” just because my husband needed me to be his caregiver for a change.

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