• Sue Lamoree

Life Is Fragile Handle With Prayer

I’m eternally grateful for a family that comes together in times of crisis. Last week we faced the decision of whether to put my mom on life-support. She took a bad fall while trying to catch the community bus for a lunch outing. Unfortunately, the fall caused severe brain damage. The decision to allow Mom to go peacefully was unanimous, as we all knew her desire to live a full and vital life (even at age 89). The entire family was present and supportive of each other. Though my heart broke with every tear shed by children and grandchildren, it also swelled with love for the family that surrounded Mom in her final days.

The family cohesiveness that I witnessed during both of my parent’s passing is a direct reflection of their legacy. They raised us with love, support, optimism and an unfailing faith in the Lord.

Thank you, Mom (1927-2017) and Dad (1931-2015). I love and miss you.

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