• Sue Lamoree

Climbing Mt. Rainier

It’s always been my dream to summit Mt. Rainier. To that end, I’ve hiked to Panorama Point several times and eventually joined the Mountaineers. Unfortunately, around that time my body started to rebel against me. My TM onset was very gradual, so at first I thought I was simply out of shape. The Mountaineer requirements for physical conditioning were overwhelming, but gave me the kick in the behind I needed to finally seek medical advice (after a diligent exercise routine failed miserably).

A few months after my diagnosis, I woke up to find the ground blanketed in snow. I dressed in my warmest clothes, put on my sadly neglected hiking boots, grabbed two canes, and headed out the door. The walkway leading to my car was covered in ice and snow. Determined to move on, however, I stepped in a footprint left in the ice, planted my canes firmly in the snow and told myself, “You’ve always wanted to summit Mt. Rainier. This is your mountain–let’s do this!”

I’ve been climbing my mountain ever since and enjoying the beauty, adventures and challenges along the way. I also live vicariously through Guy’s daughter, who summits every interesting peak that gets in her way (usually more than once). Guy and I have found numerous wilderness areas with paved trails, including Mt. Rainier

(we even encountered a couple of black bears up there).

For more info about ADA trails in Washington checkout the Washington Trails Association. www.wta.org/go-outside/basics/ada-accessible-hike

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