• Sue Lamoree

For The Love Of Family

With the passing of both my parents in the last two years, I’ve come to truly appreciate the importance of family. The love that my parents bestowed upon their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren throughout our lives is evident in how we’ve come together during, and after, the loss of Mom and Dad. I’m forever grateful for the union of these two people and the lessons they taught us.

Our family didn’t start in the normal fashion. Both Mom and Dad lost their spouses at a young age. Mom was left with two boys (8 and 6) to raise on her own and Dad was left with two girls (2 and 6 mos.) to raise as a single parent. Fate soon brought them together and within three months they were married and we became a family of six.

I feel extremely blessed by my parents willingness to wholeheartedly adopt each other’s children and raise all of us as their own. I now have two older brothers and several nieces and nephews that I deeply cherish. As my grandmother once said, “it was a union made in heaven.”

My sister-in-law put together a video of our family that is way too cute not to share. I love you Mom and Dad.

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