• Sue Lamoree

Caring For Adults With Special Needs

Caring for adults with special needs is challenging and requires a great deal of sacrifice on the caregivers part. I appreciate the sacrifices Guy has made in order to be my caregiver and, more importantly, my husband. We’re navigating these waters together, and it isn’t always easy.

Last Sunday, I heard a talk given by a woman that had spent several years dedicated to the care of her Alzheimer’s stricken mother-in-law. Ironically the subject of the talk was “joy”. She confessed to the many hours of care that involved sacrifice, patience and fatigue. In one of her moments of utter frustration she turned to the Lord in prayer.

You’re In This Boat Together

The Lord said it better than I ever could. He reminded the caregiver that the woman she was caring for was in the same boat. They were facing the tempest together, just from different perspectives. The realization gave the caregiver a new appreciation for her loved one and, in the end, filled her heart with joy. Nothing can replace the joy of serving one of God’s children, if done with love.

The speaker’s words touched my heart, as I have struggled with being the one receiving constant care. I know the sacrifices my husband has made while spending his life with me. I know the sacrifices thrust upon me as a result of my disability. And I’m frequently reminded by well-meaning friends that I’m “lucky” Guy married me given my circumstances. To that I now respond, we’re blessed to have found EACH OTHER.

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