Learning The Hard Way

Some situations require a quick turnaround, so to speak. After living in a wheelchair for twenty years, and several accidents later, I've finally learned that some situations just need to wait.

Safety First

Recently my husband and I decided to take a much needed vacation. We made arrangements for the care of our dogs, packed up our bags and headed over Steven's Pass to our favorite hotel in Leavenworth. The drive was beautiful this time of year with brilliant yellows, reds and oranges covering the hillsides. And the weather couldn't have been better.

As usual, we spent the first day strolling by the river, through town and stopping at the best Gelateria in the US, Vidolce Gelato (they even have a great selection of gelato sorbet for us dairy intolerant people).

It was a fabulous day!

The night, however, didn't turn out as well. Although we had a comfortable room with a beautiful view of the mountains, it was one of those frequent trips to the bathroom nights. A very wearing situation on both Guy and myself in the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, hotel rooms as ADA efficient as they are, can be even more challenging.

By about the third excursion to the bathroom we were not only hurried, we were also tired and getting careless. We rushed through the room with my foot-plates still folded up and my feet dangling. My toe caught the lip of the bathroom floor tile and the wheelchair's momentum tore the toenail almost clear off. It obviously hurt, but when I saw a pool of blood I knew I'd gotten it good.

After bandaging the toe, downing extra-strength Tylenol and elevating my foot, Guy and I determined that from now on WHEELCHAIR SAFETY FIRST. Trying to avoid bladder accidents, or any other kind of accident, isn't worth ending up getting injured over.

I'm happy to report that, thanks to my round-toed shoes and lots of Tylenol, our vacation wasn't ruined. We spent two more gorgeous, uneventful days, and nights, in Leavenworth. And... enjoyed several more cones of gelato sorbet.

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