• Sue Lamoree

Be True to Yourself

Have you ever noticed a lot of things are similar to climbing a mountain? Going up (improving) takes much more time than coming down (deteriorating). Grades for example. One low grade can pull your entire GPA down while it requires several good grades to bring a GPA back up.

Now that I'm exercising on a regular basis, I notice when I've missed a few days. It takes twice as long to gain back the strength I've lost while neglecting my routine. This is true for everyone, but it's particularly true as one gets older or when one is already experiencing some type of physical deficit such as that associated with TM.

Recently I was slowed down by a MILD flu virus in which I barely had the strength to do my normal transfers. For two weeks exercise was out of the question. Unfortunately, when I finally returned to my regular activities I was sorely out of shape. And that was only after two weeks of inactivity.

I'm afraid that it is extremely difficult for someone like me to "give myself a break," when it comes to physical expectations and the desire to maintain my independence. However, it's also important to do just that in order to retain my sanity. I frequently remind myself that 22 years ago when I was diagnosed with TM my doctor informed me that the aging process would take it's toll on my body much faster than an able-bodied individual. He likened the situation to a bank account. The damage to the nervous system has resulted in fewer physical reserves to draw from.

Most of us have something we can relate to in this regard. Age related ailments, injuries, chronic pain or some kind of physical short coming. I'd simply like to remind you to be patient and kind to yourself. Take each hurdle in stride and give yourself a break once in awhile. Your mental health will be in a better place to cope with the physical health challenges and the slope won't feel quite as steep.

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