• Sue Lamoree

A Birthday Wish Come True

I'm a lucky girl! Since my birthday falls in January, my husband and I have started a tradition of going clothes shopping for my present. We figure it's a good time to take advantage of the inventory reduction sales. Of course, my favorite store is Nordstrom's. They have a wonderful selection of contemporary clothing and their service is extraordinary. In my circumstances, great service is critical to finding the right pair of pants or shoes, even tops can be challenging. The patient sales clerks scour the store for just the right clothes.

After spending 20 years in a wheelchair, I've discovered that comfortable and stylish clothing can be difficult to come by. Jeans need to be low-waisted and have some give, otherwise there is too much pressure on the belly. A relaxed fit is comfy, but isn't always in style and sometimes very bulky when in the sitting position. Tops also need to be shorter and less fitted to accommodate the shortened torso while sitting. And, don't get me started on shoes. People in my condition usually have poor circulation. I wear at least one shoe size larger, due to the swelling in my feet.

Dealing with clothing restrictions isn't as challenging when low-waisted, stretchy jeans and short-waisted tops are in fashion. Sadly, that isn't always the case. In this age of googling everything, I decided to Google "adaptive clothing". There were quite a few options, unfortunately they're targeted more to the senior community and assistive living residents. Then I searched under billyfootwear.com, a website the co-founder Billy Price referred my sister to when she told him about my frustrations. Although, they don't have a wide selection of women's shoes yet, they offer reasonably priced, easy-on convenience, stylish shoes (also available at Nordstrom's). Billy recommended three other

adaptive clothing sites that I immediately checked out. I wasn't disappointed. Each site offered affordable, stylish jeans with side zippers, stretch fabric and low-waisted fronts.

It's exciting to see companies addressing the needs of the disabled community where it comes to fashion and comfort. I plan on trying a pair of jeans and highly recommend the websites listed below to anyone that is, or knows of a loved one, confined to a wheelchair.


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