• Sue Lamoree

It's A Beautiful Ride!

Life Ain't Always Beautiful

Gary Allan

Life ain't always beautiful Sometimes it's just plain hard Life can knock you down It can break your heart.

Life ain't always beautiful You think you're on your way And it's just a dead-end road At the end of the day.

But the struggles make you stronger And the changes make you wise And happiness has it's own way Of taking it's own sweet time.

No, life ain't always beautiful Tears will fall sometimes Life ain't always beautiful But it's a beautiful ride.

After taking a three-week vacation, I confess I’ve been remiss in updating my blog. The amazing weather we’ve been blessed with lately also hasn’t helped. There’s always something more appealing that needs tending to outside. Weeds thumb their noses at me, flowers cry out for water, while puppies look at me with pleading eyes saying, "beach time.” However, back in March I made a promise to share my life’s journey while living with Transverse Myelitis (TM) on weekly blog updates. So here I am, back at it.

Reliving my experiences from the onset of my TM has been cathartic and at the same time taxing. I have 24 years under my belt since then and a tremendous amount of growth. Dredging up the initial feelings associated with my diagnosis has been surprisingly painful. I love the song Life Ain’t Always Beautiful, by Gary Allen. Tears will fall sometimes, but the struggles do make you stronger, and happiness can find it’s way in. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL RIDE!

Next week – The Road Less Traveled (how to get back up after the rug has been pulled out from under you)

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