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The True Adventures of Carbon

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A little horse with a huge personality. -That's Carbon!

In The True Adventures of Carbon, a spunky pony captures our hearts with his unselfish nature and undying loyalty to his friends. Told in his own words, Carbon's story is based on actual events taken from his unique life.

Carbon's experiences, while growing up on Pa's small family farm, teach him about friendship and loss as barnyard animals come and go. This strong-willed and clever pony gets himself into a great deal of mischief which often leaves him questioning whether he fits in.

What Carbon doesn't realize is that his kindhearted spirit is cherished by all. As he matures into a fine young stallion, Carbon gradually learns about the accepting nature of love and family.

"This Book is well written.The setting is strong and leverages solid description and sensory details - lovely visual connections."

             -Judge 25th Annual Writers Digest Self Published Book Awards 

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